Retirement planning

Achieving your dream of a secure, comfortable retirement takes proper planning and commitment. With so much at stake, it pays to take a step back and see whether your plan takes into account the major obstacles to retirement income adequacy. When you take this big-picture view, there are two key risks, among others, that most retirees face:

  • Investment risk | The possibility that an actual return on investment will be lower than your expected return.

  • Longevity risk | The probability that you will outlive your savings. We’re living longer, healthier lives and retirements can last up to 30 years or more. Use the Social Security Administration's life expectancy calculator to estimate your longevity.

We are kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal.
— Robert Brault

We'll work closely with you to — and — through your transition, guiding you along the best path to fulfilling your retirement goals.



First, we'll have a conversation about your most important priorities, the values that inspire you, and uncover your vision for retirement. 


Next, we'll agree on the areas that you would like us to review. We'll gather your financial data, analyze your current position, and design your retirement plan.


Lastly, we will suggest strategic recommendations and provide guided implementation of your plan. With our ongoing monitoring, we're always there for you to adjust your strategy when your personal situation changes or the markets shift.

Four Retirement cornerstone Questions


Am I investing properly for a comfortable retirement?

We will build a portfolio that aligns your assets with your lifestyle goals and expenses in retirement.


What will happen to my assets and family upon my death?

We can recommend estate planning strategies so your wealth doesn't end up in the wrong hands.


Will I be able to live my ideal retirement life?

 We'll create a dependable income plan that can support your lifestyle throughout retirement. 


How can I minimize taxes on my retirement income?

We take the time to analyze your Form1040 and portfolio —  uncovering ways to minimize taxes.


How Social Security Works (clickable):
Deciding when to take your Social Security can impact your retirement income plan. There are many combinations of Social Security claiming strategies and rules on benefits are complex, especially if you're born before January 1,1954. We can help you find the optimal strategy for maximizing your benefit.

let's start planning your ideal retirement


resources to help you transition

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 Rollover Matrix

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