Executive Wealth Management

Our executive wealth management services include all of the wealth management solutions for our individual and family clients. Additionally, you’ll get solutions tailored to your specific situation that can help you hedge, diversify, or create additional income while being sensitive to taxation, securities laws, and your distinct needs.

Tax-Sensitive Solutions

Concentrated positions in your company stock or illiquid positions in private businesses can represent a significant portion of your net worth. We can advise you on additional areas including:

  • Investment Risk/Reward: Developing hedging strategies to reduce risk, preserve your wealth, and defer taxes.

  • Tax-sensitivity: Creating diversification strategies for concentrated stock positions.

  • Decision Timeframe: Helping you establish a framework for making timely decisions about when option exercises should be considered.

  • Pre-liquidity Planning: Discussing tax-aware asset protection strategies and overall wise financial decisions when exercising stock options/grants.

No matter where you are in your professional life, whatever complexities you may face, we're equipped to guide you along the best path toward fulfilling your vision.

Customized Workshops

Every company is different — so we customize our financial planning seminars and workshops to your specific corporate benefits programs and individual employee needs.

Key Benefits

  • Educate employees on your company’s benefit and incentive plan offerings to maximize compensation and benefit plans

  • Create a more productive work environment by reducing anxiety caused by your employees' personal financial concerns freeing them to focus on their work.

  • Empower your employees to make smart investment decisions and follow responsible, long-term strategies for participating in your company’s equity-based compensation and benefit plans.

  • Enhance loyalty and retention by showing you care as an employer.


Financial Wellness — The Right Business Decision

At Cambridge Wealth Management, we take pride in our heritage of independent thinking. We're not affiliated with a large bank or brokerage firm. This means that in our seminars, there will be no mention of specific products and no sales push — just unbiased, high-quality advice from experienced Certified Financial Planners™.