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A full-spectrum, fiduciary wealth advisory firm, Cambridge Wealth Management provides tailored financial advice and investment services to individuals, families, and select institutions.


built on a holistic financial planning foundation

We offer true wealth management management combining both financial planning and asset management. Smart financial planning is key to building, growing, and protecting your wealth. Our unique holistic advisory process and business platform helps bring together all the isolated parts of your financial life, ensuring that the four cornerstones of a smart wealth management plan — asset management, estate planning, retirement planning, and tax planning — are working in harmony.


Let's harmonize your financial Life

The Story behind our logo

The design of the Cambridge Wealth Management logo is based off a Japanese coin called the “Four Mon" coin modeled after Chinese coins issued by the Tang dynasty (618 - 907). In Ancient Asia, the shape of coins was symbolically important — earth was believed to be square and heaven was round. Thus, a square in the center of a circle symbolizes perfect balance and harmony and has special significance as a symbol of prosperity and good luck.

The pattern of the eleven waves on the reverse of the Four Mon coin was considered to be a symbol of happiness. Today, the six waves depicted in our logo represent the six vital components of a comprehensive financial plan. (graphic above). 

The coin shape symbolism is the genesis of our mission statement: To help clients prosper by creating harmony in their financial lives. And the colors — muted red, white, and bluish-purple — are variations on the colors of our American flag. After all, the logo was conceived on the weekend of July 4th.

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