Wealth Management

We offer true wealth management management combining both financial planning and asset management which we believe is the best way for you to achieve the vision you have for you and your family.

As a Cambridge Wealth Management client, you have access to a broad range of services to to help you grow and protect your wealth. We will work closely with you and, if needed, your other professional advisors to select the services that best suits your needs, then apply our expertise and highly personalized approach to build, preserve, and manage your wealth.


Our Focus: Your financial well-being



First, we'll have a conversation about your most important priorities, the values that inspire you, and uncover what you want to accomplish with your assets, for you and your family.



Next, we will agree on the areas of your financial life that you would like us to review. Then, we'll gather your financial data, analyze your current position, and design your custom financial plan.



Lastly, we will suggest strategic recommendations and provide guided implementation of your plan. With our ongoing monitoring, we're with you every step of the way to adjust your strategy when your personal situation changes or the markets shift.

Our client centric, Holistic approach

Cambridge Wealth Management is built on a holistic financial planning foundation. Our practical approach empowers you to define and achieve your financial goals.

Cash Flow Management

This is the first step toward creating a sense of harmony in your financial life. We will assist you in developing a budget that helps you stay on track financially towards achieving your goals. We offer the insight you may seek to meet funding goals such as your children's education, your retirement, and other important goals.

Liability Management

Managing the liability side of your balance sheet is equally important as the asset side. We analyze your debts including mortgages, personal debt, and other financial obligations. If there's a better solution and restructuring is needed, we'll make objective recommendations.

Education Planning

We can help you explore and analyze the numerous options available for funding education, such as UTMA accounts, 529 plans, employee benefit plans, educational IRAs, and even Roth IRAs. We will design a smart plan for your loved ones and help you avoid costly, common education planning mistakes.

Tax Planning

We carefully review your personal income taxes and portfolio to help you manage your wealth in the most tax-efficient way. We consider your tax-deferred and taxable accounts and strategically place each security in the most tax-advantaged accounts. As a result of our diligent work, the impact of taxes is often reduced which can improve your after-tax investment returns.

Risk Management

When risk is measured and managed, it can have a positive impact on your financial life. Risk management is one of the six vital components of a financial plan. After reviewing your current policies and financial position, we will make recommendations that meet your unique needs.

Asset Management→

We draw upon our decades of experience and modern portfolio theory to ensure that your personalized investment strategy balances the right mix of investments to meet your unique goals. With access to more than 12,000 investment options, the flexibility of an open architecture platform allows us to build an extraordinarily competitive investment portfolios.


Retirement Planning→

Retirement planning has two phases: accumulation and distribution. During the accumulation phase, we help clients in setting goals and implementing financial strategies to achieve them. Our retired clients rely on our expert advice and solutions so they can continue to enjoy the lifestyle they’ve earned and not outlive their money.

Legacy Planning

You want to create a lasting legacy for the people and causes that you care about. With smart, holistic planning, we can help ensure that your wealth passes as you want it to and a significant portion doesn't end up in the hands of unintended heirs or go to the government. To accomplish this, we will:

  • Review your existing wills, trusts and other estate planning documents
  • Recommend estate, gift, and charitable strategies and assist in communicating your estate plan.
  • Seek to maximize the benefits to your chosen heirs while minimizing the tax burden on your legacy.

Private Client Features:

  • Coordination with your outside advisors, such as CPAs and attorneys
  • Personalized portfolios built around ETFs, individual stocks & bonds with direct access to your own portfolio manager
  • Estate, tax, & legacy guidance
  • Ongoing financial planning from an experienced Certified Financial Planner™
  • Family Tiered Pricing = Reduced Fee Structure based on assets under management

Cambridge Wealth Management offers what you need and deserve from a wealth management firm — tailored solutions, deep expertise, and a personal relationship with a trusted advisor — so you can pursue your financial future with clarity and get the most out of life.