Asset Management

Every client is their own unique individual. So we take the time to establish an in-depth understanding of your most important priorities, the values that inspire you, and what you want to accomplish with your assets. By translating our analysis into personalized, intelligent portfolios, we build lasting relationships with our clients.


Allocating For Optimal Performance | We employ a core/tactical approach that balances actively managed investment strategies in tactical areas of opportunity with core passive index-based securities where fees or projected returns cannot justify active mandates. Passive strategies seek to replicate the returns of a their respective index. We call our asset allocation process enhanced indexing.

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Tax Efficiency | We consider the tax implications of portfolio selection changes and apply tax-loss harvesting. Using tax-efficient investment principles, we take into account your tax-deferred and taxable accounts and strategically place each security in the most tax-advantaged accounts.


Risk Management | When risk is measured and managed, it can have a positive impact on your investment return. That's why we are constantly monitoring risks — from destabilizing global events to market risks.


What is asset allocation?

Asset allocation is a fundamental principle of investing. It is the art of combining different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and cash to achieve the highest expected return at a level of risk you find acceptable.


What's the right mix for you?

Cambridge Wealth Management has developed investment strategies to suit differing portfolio objectives


Personalized Asset allocation process

We customize your portfolio to fit your goals and values rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach.


Tactical asset allocation sleeve

The stock market serves as a relocation center at which money is moved from the active to the patient.
— Warren Buffet

Open Architecture: A Harmonious relationship


Our Investment Philosophy

Working from a carefully-crafted, personalized investment plan, your assets are strategically allocated across a diverse set of asset classes, geographies, and investment strategies. The result is a dynamic portfolio that can weather the ups and downs of global markets. 

Here are five core tenets that define our investment philosophy:

  • Fundamental Focus | We start with a research-intensive, top-down view of global capital markets to determine where the best investment opportunities exist.
  • Strategic Asset Allocation | A time proven portfolio strategy that involves setting target allocations for various asset classes based on your risk profile. Diversification of investment strategies, asset classes, and managers can be an effective method for improving risk/return dynamics.
  • Tactical Asset Allocation | An opportunistic approach that seeks to take advantage of current market trends and economic conditions. The tactical portion of the portfolio represent our "best ideas" and works as a complement to the core strategic asset allocation. (Third graphic above)
  • Disciplined Rebalancing | Behavioral economics shows that people are irrational when interpreting and acting on financial data. Having a disciplined rebalancing strategy to your original allocations can keep your portfolio on track — helping eliminate costly emotionally driven mistakes while creating a systematic process to buy low and sell high.
  • Personalization | Our firm is built on an holistic financial planning foundation that drives our thinking into our clients' investment strategies. Our recommendations reflect your unique investor profile.

We think our complete investment process gives you greater peace of mind — so you can relax and spend more time doing what you truly enjoy — now and at every stage of your life.


Are unbalanced allocations and high fees hurting your portfolio returns?